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Because when it comes to learning a new language, there is no arguing, the best thing for you is to spend A LOT of time speaking it. Period.

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Who is this course for?

If you are doing business with a Chinese speaking country.
You are planing to travel to Taiwan or China.
Your job requires you to learn Chinese.
You are interested in learning a second language as a hobby and because it is a useful skill.


    + Private class
    + Customized lessons
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    + Learn much more
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    Have Any Questions...?

    Wondering if the “EazyChinese Inner Circle Webinar” is right for you and your career skills? The answers you need may be found below…

    Q:How quickly will I speak fluent Chinese?

    A: It depends on several factors. How much time and effort you put into learning, and how often you actually put your learned Chinese to practice in real-life conversation. Of course, some people may have a natural talent for languages, but anyone can learn when they put in the work. I'd say you could be able to get around conversationally in several months(it took me around three), but fluency is going to take years of dedication.

    Q:How much can I learn from webinar?

    A:As much as you want. You will have the unique opportunity to not only pressure-test your Chinese(in a comfortable, relaxed setting of course). You will also have the opportunity to no only tested the Chinese you have learned on your own, but to ask questions about what really boggles you about Chinese with not one, but two fluent speakers(one being native!). So, yeah, I'd say you can learn a lot!

    Q:Can't I just learn by my own?

    A:You can, and you can make decent progress doing so, but you won't have any feedback other than your own. I remember early during my stay in Taiwan, I practiced saying "Hello. What's your name?" In Mandarin at least a couple hundred times, listening to mp3 recordings and then repeating them. I did this all the way to the local 7-11. I got a drink and went to check-out and confidently said my phrase to the clerk....and he had no idea what I was saying! So make sure you get feed-back, it's really valuable!

    Q: Do I have to pay extra software or some kind of fee to join this webinar?
    A: No you don't. The hosting software is 100% free for the attendees.

    Q:How long do I have access to the webinar?

    A:After the webinar is over, you will no longer be able to interact with us until the following week(you can always email me with your questions though!), after the webinar is over, you'll be sent a link to download the video file for you to review for the next session.

    Q:What's the Schedule like?

    A:It's very flexible. There will be sessions several days each week, each day with at least two optional time slots. The sessions will be 1-1.5 hours of duration, depending on the group size, and how many questions everyone has for us.

    Q:What if the time is not good for me?

    A:Then you can feel free to select one of the other available time slots, and if that doesn't solve your problem, shoot me an email with a description of your situation, and I'll try my best to resolve the issue so that we all come out winners.

    Q:Do I have any kind of guarantee?

    A:Absolutely! The first session is free, and you'll only be billed afterwards if you decide that you would like to continue.

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