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Welcome to! Logan Murphy is a native Texan and graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. He has a passion for travel and foreign languages and has spent the past five years in Taiwan, teaching English and learning Chinese language and culture.

He spent the year of 2009 in the port city of Keelung teaching English and learning Chinese, during which time he had a great passion for hiking through the mountains and exploring ruined forts and old temples that are scattered about the area.

Soon after meeting his wife, Ruby in October of 2009, he moved to Taipei, the capital of the island and began taking intensive Chinese In August of 2012 he moved to Zhongli city in Taoyuan county, where he lived for more than a year.

Since moving back to America with his wife in early 2014, he has decided to create this website in an effort to educate the world in Mandarin Chinese. If you have any suggestions for articles, Chinese phrases you would like to learn, or even if you would just like to share feedback on how Eazychinese has helped you, please don’t hesitate to contact Logan.

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