Chinese Lesson 17: Weather

Hi, Ruby here, today I want to show you how we say weather in Chinese. We like to keep class short, so you can learn more easily.


 Sunny day

qíng tiān 


Cloudy Day

yīn tiān


Foggy Day

wù tiān 


Raining Day

xià yǔ tiān 


Typhoon Day

tái fēng tiān 


We are back!

Hey everyone, sorry for such a long lapse in my posting, life has been crazy! I just wanted to let y'all know that I'll be back to writing soon, and we're also going to have a new co-author on the wife Ruby! Also, my Chinese learning book that I have been working on since last year is nearing completion, so keep checking back for more information. That's all for now, stay tuned! 

Also we like to know what new things you want to hear from us.

1. Travel

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4. Others

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Have a awesome day!

Logan and Ruby

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