8 things that I never saw until I went to Taiwan

Hey everyone! Today's post is short and sweet. I just wanted to share with you all some of the more unique and interesting things that I have seen durring my stay in Taiwan. Enjoy and share your experiences below!!!


1. People washing clothes in a stream











2. A person go into a trance as they were possessed by a god

2012-09-28 17.59.58




















3. 3 people on the same scooter, or a woman with 3 dogs on a scooter(okay, so that's two things!)

5-on-a-scooter (1)






















4. Parks full of elderly people performing choreographed dancing to music, or subway terminals equally full of breakdancing youths.















5. Two cars trying to fit through the same alley(approximately 1 car width wide), but different directions, oh and a scooter or two as well.

















6. A cab driver hit a pedestrian and then blow her off when she complained(both my wife and I have been hit by cars too)









7. A whole roast pig(think Hawaiian style, minus the apple in the mouth)











8. This!