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7 Day Chinese Course — Day 4:Emotions

Day 4:  Emotions I hope you brought some tissues, because it's about to get REAL. Why, you may ask? Because we're going to be talking about our feelings. Today is all about emotions, so listen up! Vocabulary 開心 kāi xīn Happy 傷心 shāng xīn  Sad 興奮 xìng fèn  Exciting 生氣 shēng qì Angry 緊張 jǐn […]

7 Day Chinese Course – Day2:Body parts

Day 2: Body parts In today's lesson, we will be expanding our vocabulary by learning the parts of the body. Please follow along with the video and practice, practice, practice!  Vocabulary 頭 tóu  Head 胸部 xiōng bù  Chest 肚子 dù zǐ  Belly 手臂 shǒu bì  Arm 腳 jiǎo  Foot That's it for today, so you […]

Another 10 Foods You Ought to Try in Taiwan

Due to the popularity of my last post on Taiwanese food, 10 Foods You Must Try in Taiwan, I have decided to write an article detailing 10 more of the best foods to try while you are in Taiwan. So, without further ado…     1. Oyster pancakes蚵仔煎  Sorry Aunt Jemima, we won't be needing […]

Every Dog Has Its Day

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP40g_OjxRY] Have I mentioned that I love dogs? Well, I do, and this week I am going to fill you in on two awesome places that you can bring your dogs for the day in Taoyuan County.   The first is called 綠風草原, and it's located in Zhongli. You'll need to take a car there, because […]