7 Day Chinese Course — Day 4:Emotions


Day 4:  Emotions

I hope you brought some tissues, because it's about to get REAL. Why, you may ask? Because we're going to be talking about our feelings. Today is all about emotions, so listen up!


開心 kāi xīn Happy

傷心 shāng xīn  Sad

興奮 xìng fèn  Exciting

生氣 shēng qì Angry

緊張 jǐn zhāng Nervous

害怕 hài pà  Scare    

That concludes today's lesson, I sincerely hope that it didn't bring you to a dark place, or get you all choked up. Come on! Even tough guys need to talk about their feelings, right?

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7 Day Chinese Course – Day2:Body parts


Day 2: Body parts

In today's lesson, we will be expanding our vocabulary by learning the parts of the body. Please follow along with the video and practice, practice, practice! 


tóu  Head

胸部 xiōng bù  Chest

肚子 dù zǐ  Belly

手臂 shǒu bì  Arm

jiǎo  Foot

That's it for today, so you have no excuse for not getting the vocabulary down pat! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Also, check out more free lessons on my website. See you tomorrow with more lessons, until then enjoy!



7 Day Chinese Course- Day 1: Greetings


Day 1: Greetings!

In today's lesson we will be learning what to say when you first meet someone. After following along with the video, you should be able to say hello, tell your name to someone and ask theirs, and tell them that it's good to meet them.



   nĭ hăo




   nín guì xìng


What is your family name?

-Note: This is a formal and respectful question, much more so than asking someone their given name. Especially useful when dealing with people older than you.



   wŏ xìng

   My family name is…



    nĭ jiào shén me míng zì?

    What's your name?



   wŏ jiào…

   My name is…



   hĕn gāo xìng rèn shí nĭ!

   Nice to meet you!





羅根:你好,我叫羅根。 您貴姓?

luó gēn: nĭ hăo, wŏ jiào luó gēn. nín guì xìng?

Logan: Hello, my name is Logan. What's your family name?



xiăo hán: wŏ xìng chén, míng xiăo hán.

Ruby: Hello Logan. My family name is Chen, and my name is Xiao-Han.



luó gēn: xiăo hán, hĕn gāo xìng rèn shí nĭ.

Nice to meet you, Xiao-Han.



xiăo hán: wŏ yĕ shì.

Ruby: Likewise.


I hope you enjoyed Day 1, let me know if you have any questions, and see you tomorrow!

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Another 10 Foods You Ought to Try in Taiwan

Due to the popularity of my last post on Taiwanese food, 10 Foods You Must Try in Taiwan, I have decided to write an article detailing 10 more of the best foods to try while you are in Taiwan. So, without further ado…
1. Oyster pancakes蚵仔煎 
Sorry Aunt Jemima, we won't be needing any syrup up on these pancakes! Made with eggs and fresh oysters, these are one night market snack you have to try!
2. Bolo bread 菠蘿麵包

Best when fresh out of the oven and filled with butter, this warm, tasty treat is just what the doctor ordered…on second though, don't mention it to your doctor, what he doesn't know won't hurt you!\"下載\"






3. Saweima 沙威瑪
Hailing from the middle east, Saweima is another food that is not ethnically Tawanese, though you can find it in night markets all over the\"下載\" island. This simple, yet elegant dish is prepared by slicing slivers of chicken from a spit, adding onions, lettuce and several other possible toppings like pepper, ketchup and mayonnaise and then scorching the bread until its nice and crispy. Many stands also have the option to add cheese or an egg for an extra charge. You can usually get them for 40 NT, and some places have special prices for buying three at a time.
4. Grilled squid 炭烤魷魚
Most Westerners are slightly taken aback when they first see this dish, but trust me, it's delicious! Grilled squid can sometimes be a little pricey, but it's worth it.
5. Digua Qiu 地瓜球
Holy chewy, fried balls Batman! These sweet potato balls are awesome. Just make sure that you don't forget to sprinkle (pour in my case) on some sour plum powder. It makes for a great contrast of flavors!
6. Wild-boar sausage 山豬烤香腸
How's it shakin bacon? This ain't your run of the mill sausages. Boar meat is a lot leaner than regular old pork, and has a unique flavor that you you really must try, especially glazed in Taiwanese BBQ sauce, yum!






7. Kao digua 烤地瓜
There was a time when Chinese families ate rice only as a luxury, and survived off of the humble sweet potato as a major staple of their diet. Well, nowadays people still eat it, because its both delicious and nutritious, and especially good to eat during the winter! The price will vary depending on the weight, but rest assured, you'll get a full belly with change to spare!






8. Oyster noodles 蚵仔麵線
Oh a mi swa is the name for this dish in Taiwanese, and that is what you will hear people call it, even if they don't speak Taiwanese well! The dish consists of oysters and mian xian, a thin, clear kind of noodle. It is commonly served with pigs blood cake and pig intestines, so not for the feint of heart!





9. Luogen mian 牛肉麵
My namesake, this is one tasty dish! It consists of pork that is mixed with flour into log-like shapes, noodles and a thick, sticky soup. It's delicious and will only run you around 45 NT.





10. Tianbula甜不辣
Fried, grilled or boiled, get it however you can! This delicious dish is made from fish and flour and it is not to be missed!


#picture from : some from google some from myself.

Every Dog Has Its Day


Have I mentioned that I love dogs? Well, I do, and this week I am going to fill you in on two awesome places that you can bring your dogs for the day in Taoyuan County.

The first is called 綠風草原, and it's located in Zhongli. You'll need to take a car there, because its pretty far from any form of public transportation, though you could take a taxi. This place used to be a golf course, but has since been re-purposed into a dog park, though its pretty obvious what it was originally intended to be. The scenery is so beautiful, with trees dotting the walkways and grassy hills surrounding the pond(which must have originally been the water hazard!) your pooch is going to think he's died and gone to doggy heaven. It's a popular place on the weekend, so get there early to ensure that you get a good spot, and watch your worries melt away. Make sure you bring a sheet or towel to sit on, as the grass can be quite damp, and why not enjoy a picnic while you're at it? The entry fee is 150 NT and this can be used towards purchasing food or drinks, though I recommend you bring your own snacks as the food is pricey and not very good.
\"IMG_2464\" \"IMG_2463\" \"IMG_2509\" \"IMG_2512\"
\"IMG_2517\" \"IMG_2518\"
(In these pictures you can clearly see the park's golf course roots!)
\"IMG_2507\" \"IMG_2500\"
(When I went there were ducks in the pond, and then there were these great big inflatable ducks. Looks like the management decided to cash in on the recent duck-craze that has gotten ahold of Taiwan.)
\"IMG_2523\" \"IMG_2528\" \"IMG_2553\" \"IMG_2650\"
(The dogs absolutely love this place!)
The other place is called 老爸的後花園 Located in Longtan, you are going to need your own wheels to make it there, but it's worth it! The feel is a lot different from 綠風草原. As you enter the garden and follow the vine-covered walkway to the brick-house restaurant, it feels like you are going to pay a visit to a rich family at their country-side estate. The whole place is surrounded by trees and gardens, and it feels like you're in a small forest, especially for Taiwan (having a large yard is very rare here). The restaurant is beautiful and has a relaxing atmosphere, and oddly you will see dogs freely roaming around indoors. The food is not great here either(though the dessert was quite delicious), but that wasn't really why we went there. The garden outside is awesome, and your dogs will love it. We went on a Tuesday, so there weren't a lot of other people there, but I've been told it is another story altogether on the weekend. It's fun to chat with the other guests and see their dogs too anyway!
\"IMG_3239\" \"IMG_3255\" \"IMG_3253\" \"IMG_3293\"
(The restaurant it beautiful, but the food wasn't great…good thing I brought a snack!)
\"IMG_3403\" \"IMG_3357\"
(We had a lot of fun with the dogs in the garden. The poster is about supporting animal adoption, something that I hope you will consider after reading this!)
I highly recommend making it over to either of these spots at least once (even of you don't have a dog, you can play with the ones you see there!). Let me know what you think if you make it over to one of them, and share your experiences here!
How To Get There:
綠風草原– Here is a link to their website, it's in Chinese, but there is a map.
老爸的後花園- Here is their Facebook page with contact information.


Chinese phrases of the day:

綠風草原= Green Breeze Prairie

老爸的後花園= Dad's Backyard Garden