7 Day Chinese Course–Day 5: Numbers


Day 5:  Numbers

Today we will focus on numbers, because if you can't count, then you're not going to get far! Seriously, when it comes to learning how to deal with different everyday situations, like buying groceries, for example, knowing your numbers is going to help you keep from looking totally clueless, heck it helped me! Follow along with the video and practice counting like you did back in the first grade!


1   yī

2   èr

3 sān



6 liù



9 jiǔ

10 shí

11 十一 shí yī

12 十二 shí èr

13 十三 shí sān

14 十四 shí sì

15 十五 shí wǔ

16 十六 shí liù

17 十七 shí qī

18 十八 shí bā

19 十九 shí jiǔ

20 二十  èr shí

So that's it for today, we did't learn to count all the way to a billion, but we got off to a good start, and lucky for you, if you got 1-20 down, then the rest will come incredibly easy, as it all builds off of the foundation you formed today! Nice, huh?

Also, remember to check out more free lessons on my website eazychinese.com. See you tomorrow with more lessons, until then enjoy!