7 Day Chinese Course-Day6: Action


In today's lesson, we are going to be learning some common actions. This will help you to speak about what you or someone else is doing, or to tell them what to do if you're feeling bossy! Practice performing the action while you say it and you'll be able to remember it better! Follow along with the video here!

Day 6:  Actions

坐著 zuò zhe

站起來 zhàn qǐ lái

轉圈 zhuǎn quān

跳 tiào

伸展shēn zhǎn

 So that's it for today, we did't learn to count all the way to a billion, but we got off to a good start, and lucky for you, if you got 1-20 down, then the rest will come incredibly easy, as it all builds off of the foundation you formed today! Nice, huh?

Also, remember to check out more free lessons on my website eazychinese.com. See you tomorrow with more lessons, until then enjoy!