Now I'm not a big coffe drinker, but another great thing about 7-11 is the City Café. Don't get me wrong, I like Starbuck's and the fancy cafés you can find all over the place (especially if they have a view, like the ones by the ocean in Sanzhi near Dansui where I recently volunteered at the animal shelter), but for a guy who isn't a gourmet coffee enthusiast, the prices at these places are just a little too high(though if you save your promotional stickers you get when you spend your cash at 7-11, Starbuck's often has a buy-one-get-one-free deal măi yī sòng yī 買一送一 which is awesome if you love their frappuccinos like me!).


They have a good menu, you can order a late ná tiĕ 拿鐵,American coffee mĕi shì kā fēi 美式咖啡,Japanese style green tea latte mŏ chá ná tiĕ 抹茶拿鐵,hot-chocolate rè qiăo kè lì 熱巧克力 and more, but I almost always get the English milk tea yīng shì năi chá 英式奶茶. It's awesome!


Drinks come in two sizes. They don't have a small , but it is still useful vocabulary to know so I have included it, and some of their drinks only come in one size. Here are the sizes: small xiăo bēi 小杯, medium zhōng bēi 中杯, large dà bēi 大杯.


You can order your beverage either hot rè de 熱的 or iced bīng de 冰的 drink, and if you don't like your coffee very sweet, you can tell the staff that you want half a serving of sugar bàn táng 半糖 a little sugar shăo táng 少糖,very little sugar wéi táng 微糖 or no sugar wú táng 無糖.


That's it for now, go enjoy your fresh cup' o Jo…not the person, I mean a coffee, yuck!


Chinese phrases of the day:

買一送一= buy one get one free
拿鐵= latte
美式咖啡= American coffee
抹茶拿鐵= Japanese style green tea latte
熱巧克力= hot-chocolate
英式奶茶= English milk tea
小杯= small(cup/drink size)
中杯= medium(cup/drink size)
大杯= large(cup/drink size)
熱的= hot
冰的= iced
半糖= half sugar
少糖= little sugar
微糖= very little sugar
無糖= no sugar


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  1. I love that concept of half sugar, little sugar, very little sugar. No sugar makes good sense. How do they differentiate between little and very little. Travelling does make one learn a lot of things. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading!

    1. Thanks! Honestly it’s hard to differentiate in English, I think, as the terms mean pretty much the same, but in Chinese 微 means very little, or minute and 少 means little, so the two differ in degree but are both very small amounts I hope this makes sense!

  2. Bogof! Who can possibly resist that?
    I love chai tea latte. Yummy!
    Do they do it there?

    >I thought it was going to be Taipei 101 mall, have you ever been there?

    Not yet. ;p
    Never been there, though my aunt comes from Taiwan.

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