Happy Fathers\’ Day!


No, that is not a typo, it really is Fathers' Day here, and while it may be coming a few months later than most of you are used to, there is a very simple explanation as to why Fathers' Day falls on August the 8th every year in Taiwan: the words bābā(八八) eight-eight, as in August 8th, sound very similar to the words bàba(爸爸), which is Mandarin for dad.

Eight is also considered a lucky number in Taiwan for this reason, which in my opinion offers us a valuable insight into the importance of family in traditional Chinese culture.

So, other than the date, and the way the name sounds, what's so special about Fathers' Day in Taiwan? Nothing… Except for your father of course! The holiday is celebrated much the same as it is in North America, or the world over for that matter. The family gathers together, celebrates with a cake or pizza, or maybe by going out to a more traditional restaurant.

(Shown below, a Father's Day cake from 85°C, my personal go-to shop for cakes in Taiwan)


Whatever the game plan, Dad is the one that gets to make the calls. After all, this is the one day out of the year you can show your father how much you care, so make it count!

(My father and I the last time I was back in Texas….No, that's not our car, we took my fiance to visit NASA!)


On a lighter note, Fathers' Day is also a great time to get electric razors at bargain prices!!!


Chinese phrases of the day:

fùqinjiékuàilè(父親節快樂)= Happy Fathers' Day

bā(八)= eight

bàba(爸爸)= Dad


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