Who doesn't love them? Especially lathered in butter and dripping with maple syrup! Yum! I'll be blogging about the best place to get pancakes in Taiwan in the second part of this article, but for now I'd like to introduce you to a local equivalent. Chēlúnbǐng(車輪餅)is one of my all time favorite Taiwanese snacks (shown below)


They are called Chēlún= wheel bǐng=round cakes due to their shape. In fact, they are a lot like pancakes in sandwich form, and what self respecting Westerner doesn't like sandwiches?!? In all seriousness, these tasty little treats will fill you up, and it won't hurt your wallet much at 10NT a piece (though some more famous stores can sell them for as much as 20NT). They come in an assortment of favors, such as cabbage, chocolate, peanut, hóngdòu(紅豆) or red bean, and cream….Let's try a bite!

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Boy, that was GOOD!

The two most popular flavors by far are cream or nǎiyóu(奶油) and red bean. In fact, they are also often called hóngdòubǐng(紅豆餅), or red bean cakes. Whatever you call them, they're delicious and I'm going to get some! See you at the night market!


Chinese phrases of the day:

Chēlúnbǐng(車輪餅)= tire cakes

hóngdòu(紅豆)= red beans


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    1. Basically the same as pancakes, ma from flower and sugar, maybe a few other ingredients depending on the stand you get them from(I don’t ask too many questions, I’m happy just to eat the,lol!). The big difference is that they are made in two halves with a filling sandwiched between. They are usually a little crispy on the outside when they are just finished cooking, but soft and hot on the inside, that’s how I judge their quality at any rate. I gotta learn how to make these one day! Hope you have a chance to try them out and thanks for the comment, it’s fun connecting with people with similar interests here!

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