Are you feelin\’ lucky Punk?

These days everybody has a get rich scheme in the works, and why should it be any different in Taiwan? Well no need to worry, today I'm not going to be tipping you off on any shady mahjong dens or local pyramid schemes. So what is this post about, and why should you read it? Well, if you don't like free money, then don't let me waste any more of your precious time. Because time is money, and its lottery time baby!

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That's right, the lottery, it's not only the American dream now. In fact, lottery stores on the island are almost as abundant as convenience stores, so on just about every corner, though unlike in America, You can't buy lottery tickets in a convenience store in Taiwan.

So what should you expect when you visit your local Taiwan Lottery store? Well there will be a man behind a counter smiling and ready to take your money, and on that counter will be stacks upon stacks of lottery scratchers, or guāguālè(刮刮樂)as they are called in Chinese. They are arranged by price, which is generally in the 100NT-1000NT price range, though they also have specially priced lottery tickets with a chance for a larger prize on holidays. The tickets are all there at your disposal, so feel free to leaf through and look for your lucky number.

Aside from the 刮刮樂, for just 50NT you can also fill out a card with your lucky numbers for the dàlètòu(大樂透) and wait for the cash to roll in!  Good Luck, zhùnǐhǎoyùn(祝你好運).



Chinese phrases of the day:

guāguālè(刮刮樂)Lottery scratchers

dàlètòu(大樂透)= The big lottery

zhùnǐhǎoyùn(祝你好運)= Good luck