Lesson 3: Saying goodbye


Adios, arrivederci, bon voyage, good bye, so long, goodnight. ..what do these phrases have in common? They are all ways to say goodbye, in one way or another. In fact you could assemble another list entirely out of negative ways to express the same idea, such as: beat it, shove off, get lost, hit the road and of course @&$? Off! In this lesson you are going to learn some of the most common parting phrases in Mandarin Chinese. This list is not exhaustive, and many things may depend on the situation, but this should get you started exploring the idea.

Remember to review last week's lesson if you haven't already.

Now get to it!

Saying Goodbye:

1. 再見 zài jiàn= goodbye
2. 等一下見 dĕng yī xià jiàn= see you soon
3. 明天見 míng tiān jiàn= see you tomorrow
4. 下一次見 xià yī cì jiàn= see you next time
5. 有空再來 yŏu kōng zài lái= come again when you have time

Listen to the attached audio file and practice repeating each phrase until you feel confident enough to move on to the next part.

Dialogue: Read and listen to the following dialogue, then answer the questions below.

A: Edward, hurry up and get downstairs. Now!
ài dé huá găn kuài xià lái. mă shàng!

B: I'm coming Mom!
hăo mā mā, wŏ yào lái le!

A: Well, come quicker! You're almost late!
nà kuài yī diăn lái! nĭ kuài yào chí dào le!

B: Can I at least eat some breakfast first?
wŏ zhì shăo kĕ yĭ xiān chī diăn zăo cān ma?

A: There's some toast and a glass of milk on the table.
zhuō zi shàng yŏu tŭ sī hé yī bēi niú năi.

B: Thanks Mom!
xiè la mā mā!

A: Now out the door you go!
hăo le. nĭ găn kuài chū mén la!

B: Okay Mom! Geeez!
哎呀! 好了媽媽!
āi yā! hăo le mā mā!

A: I'll see you tonight. Be good at school.
wăn shàng jiàn. nĭ guāi guāi shàng kè

B: I will Mom. Bye!
wŏ huì mā mā. zài jiàn!

Comprehension Questions: I'm not going to give you an English translation for the following questions, I want to see how much you can intuitively figure out from what we have already learned. Take a minute to email me you answers and I will let you know how you did! Consider it "homework".

1. 媽媽快要遲到了嗎?
mā mā kuài yào chí dào le ma?

2. 桌子上有土司嗎?
zhuō zi shàng yŏu tŭ sī ma?

3. 桌子上還有什麼?
zhuō zi shàng hái yŏu shén me?

4. 誰說晚上見?
shéi shuō wăn shàng jiàn?

5. 愛徳華會乖乖上課嗎?
ài dé huá huì guāi guāi shàng kè ma?

Essential Vocabulary: Here's a list of some of the most useful phrases that we learned in this lesson. Practice them and record yourself and compare your pronunciation to mine.

1.趕快= quickly
2.下來= come down(stairs)
3.馬上= at once/immediately
4.我要來了= I'm coming
5.快一點來= hurry up
6.你快要遲到了= you're almost late
7.至少= at least
8.可以= can/able
9….上有…= there's…on the…
10.乖乖上課= behave in school

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  1. You should sing it out, perhaps like the Sound of Music.
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