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Lesson 13: I like to…

In today's lesson, you will be learning how to answer one very important question: What do you like to do? So next time you're speaking with some of your Chinese friends, try out some of these phrases. Who knows? Maybe you'll share similar interests! Although some of the material in today's lesson has been covered […]

10 tips to reverse engineering the Chinese language

I know what you're thinking, "how am I possibly going to learn Chinese to a proficient level, that stuff sounds so hard!" Well, that it is. If you go about thinking of it as something foreign and put it of reach. By placing your mastery of Chinese on the proverbial pedestal, you are guaranteeing yourself […]

Lesson 12: This is Mine!!!!

…Okay, fine. I'll share. Today I am introducing a few Mandarin Chinese phrases that will help you to make your Chinese more meaningful and complete. They will also help you with expresssing yourself.  And please, remember to share!  Here they are:   1. 這個–這個是我的 zhè gè –zhè gè shì wǒ de This– This is mine. […]

7 Day Chinese Course–Day 5: Numbers

Day 5:  Numbers Today we will focus on numbers, because if you can't count, then you're not going to get far! Seriously, when it comes to learning how to deal with different everyday situations, like buying groceries, for example, knowing your numbers is going to help you keep from looking totally clueless, heck it helped me! Follow along […]

Lesson 10: At the Post Office

Hey guys, long time no see! I apologize for taking such a long hiatus fom blogging, but life has been chaotic of late! My wife and I have relocated to the USA and have been working very hard to get re-established here, and so I have had little time or motivation to blog. But I […]

7 Day Chinese Course- Day7: Action2

In today's lesson, we are going to be learning some more common actions. This time we'll be making  simple sentences with them too.  Practice performing the action while you say it and you'll be able to remember it better! Follow along with the video here!  Day 7:  Actions 2 聽—聽我說。 tīng– tīng wǒ shuō. Listen–Listen to me. […]

7 Day Chinese Course — Day 3: Face

Day 3:  Face In today's lesson, we will be keeping the same theme as yesterday: the parts of the body. Today, we'll be focussing on the face, though, so listen up, because this is some essential vocabulary. Please follow along with the video here, and practice aloud until you are blue in the face! Vocabulary  臉 liǎn             Face 眼睛 yǎn jīng  Eyes 鼻子 bí […]

7 Day Chinese Course — Day 4:Emotions

Day 4:  Emotions I hope you brought some tissues, because it's about to get REAL. Why, you may ask? Because we're going to be talking about our feelings. Today is all about emotions, so listen up! Vocabulary 開心 kāi xīn Happy 傷心 shāng xīn  Sad 興奮 xìng fèn  Exciting 生氣 shēng qì Angry 緊張 jǐn […]

7 Day Chinese Course – Day2:Body parts

Day 2: Body parts In today's lesson, we will be expanding our vocabulary by learning the parts of the body. Please follow along with the video and practice, practice, practice!  Vocabulary 頭 tóu  Head 胸部 xiōng bù  Chest 肚子 dù zǐ  Belly 手臂 shǒu bì  Arm 腳 jiǎo  Foot That's it for today, so you […]